1TL0303 Aluminum Series Grade 3 Energy Efficiency(China) Low-voltage Three-phase Asynchronous Motor

Rated output0.55 ~ 315 kW

Frame size80 ~ 355

Voltage and Frequencysupport multiple voltage and frequency

Cooling methodIC411 as standard, IC416, IC410 as option

Degree of protectionIP55

Degree of insulationF

Coolant temperature-15 ~ 40 ºC

Site altitude above sea levelnot exceed 1000 m

Efficiency GradeIE3

1TL0303 series of motors is the newly designed high efficiency low voltage three phase asynchronous motor, the housing material is cast iron, is designed for continuous duty operation(S1), efficiency fulfill the grade 3 in GB18613-2020.  The series of motors owns the features of high efficiency, novel structure, beautiful appearance, low noise, small vibration, high degree of insulation, etc, also can be used in the fields of fans, pump, compressors and textile machine. Compared with cast iron frame motor, the quality of aluminum motor is lighter and the surface quality is better.

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Copyright  © Innomotics Standard Motors Ltd.
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